Our primary service is delivering support and implementation services around Microsoft Dynamics products to our over 550 active clients using CRM, ERP and Cloud products from Microsoft across Canada and the USA.

Regular Microsoft support hours for CRM, Office 365 and Cloud are from 6:30 am to 5:00 pm Eastern Time Monday through Friday.

Contact Support by:

By email (recommended)  support@endeavoursolutions.ca

By our Request for Services form

By phone - (905) 542-2139 ext. 340 or (902) 444-7753 ext. 340

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(514) 429-1209 x 314

Email: soutien@endeavoursolutions.ca

Toll-free phone (888) 257-3577 ext. 340 or x 314

Please note: An Endeavour Consultant will call three times and then leave a Voicemail in response to your support request over a two day period if there is no response during that time a new support claim will need to be submitted.

For the fastest response, we recommend sending an email

Email support is the fastest way to get your issues resolved by the first available consultant and it is monitored by more than one Consultant.  By using the email support, you can email data, screenshots and other information to the support team, allowing our support experts time to quickly assess your problem without requiring you to wait on the phone.

Endeavour Support Agreement (optional)

We offer a flexible Endeavour Support Agreement called a 'Bank of Hours' which can be pre-purchased in increments of 40 or 80 hours and is priced at a reduced rate compared to our standard hourly consulting rates. Clients who purchase a BoH will be given priority service over clients not on a plan and will have a lower minimum charge per support call. Consideration will be given based on the nature of the request, where critical matters are given further priority.  This is not an assurance program retainer, the BoH can be carried over from month to month, or year to year as the unused hours do not expire.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consulting Services

Following Endeavour's Professional Services methodology, your CRM implementation, CRM Health Check, CRM cloud upgrade or CRM training is best approached as a multi-phased project.  Pre-sales information is gathered during the Diagnostic Phase.  As part of your CRM implementation, our CRM consultants will work with you and your team to validate the shared vision and scope of your CRM project as a critical input into the Analysis & Design which kicks-off the CRM Configuration phase before CRM training and change communications are deployed.  Learn More

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