Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the overarching brand that Microsoft is using to cover its Cloud-based Business Applications including ERP, CRM, Sales, Customer Service, HR Talent, Operations, Customer Portals, Project Service Automation, Field Service and a variety of Power Apps to help make your business better.

At Endeavour Solutions, the focus of our CRM consulting services and CRM support team is on Dynamics 365 for Sales and Dynamics 365 for Customer service.  Endeavour Solutions, also has a very strong ERP consulting team focused on Dynamics GP ERP and Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP see

Dynamics 365 for Sales (Core CRM)

Empowering your sales and service teams is Dynamics 365 for Sales. This represents the core of Microsoft’s CRM platform with a focus on Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities and Support Cases.  There are a variety of CRM subscription options and bundles available within Dynamics 365 for Sales, the two most popular are Sales Professional and Sales Enterprise.    See Dynamics 365 CRM Price

"There are a variety of CRM subscription options available"

The Sales professional subscription has the majority of the main sales and service functions needed by most organizations (5 to 50 Salespeople).  Sales Enterprise raises the game and functionality of your CRM with the addition of CRM self-serve portals, goals, quota and gamification, the ability to handle complex workflows and the ability to significantly customize your CRM.

Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

The customer service dashboards and functions within Dynamics 365 for Customer Service are geared towards larger Contact Center and Customer Service teams.  Its functions expand well beyond the ‘case management’ functions within Dynamics 365 for Sales.  There are a number of different subscriptions available as part of a bundle with Dynamics 365 for Sales, or available for standalone Customer Service via Professional and Enterprise editions.  Contact our team to find the right fit for your needs.

Configured to meet your business needs

Whilst Dynamics 365 is very powerful "out of the box", it really stands on it's own with the possibility to extend the system to suit your business requirements. Our team are able to help you understand the "art of the possible" and can understand your ideas and help you shape Dynamics to become the system that will help transform your business.

Dynamics 365 CRM 'Teams Subscription'

As a complement to your Dynamics 365 for Sales CRM subscription, Microsoft has a “Teams Subscription” that is available for light users who only need a very limited access to core CRM functions.  Typically these “team” users only need read-only access, though they may periodically update client records such as a change of address or other contact details.

Stronger Together  (Microsoft CRM and Office 365)

Microsoft’s vision and a key differentiator for Dynamics 365, is what Microsoft refers to as the Intelligent Cloud. Bringing multiple business and productivity applications into a single seamless solution and user experience is where clients really see the value of choosing Microsoft and Endeavour as their CRM implementation and support partner. Dynamics 365 plus Office 365 allows for out-of-the-box integration and tracking of e-mails within your CRM and promotes team-based knowledge sharing with Skype for Business, OneDrive for Business and SharePoint online.

By integrating your Office 365 email with your Dynamics 365 CRM you gain access to the strong AI capabilities within Dynamics 365, where the tone, content and frequency of your team’s digital communications with your customers are tracked and analyzed with powerful artificial intelligence. This cloud-based AI (no additional charge) is able to provide simple and effective recommendations via the Relationship Assistant to help enrich the time that your team spends interacting with customers and prospects.

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App for Outlook

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, has the tightest and best integration available for Microsoft Outlook 365, Exchange Online and the rest of Office 365.  The Outlook App brings the power of Dynamics 365 CRM right into and alongside your e-mail.  Combined with the Microsoft AI and machine learning, your Dynamics 365 CRM can read your e-mail and automatically (out-of-the-box) bring up CRM records based on matches in an e-mail address and designated key-words.  Adding new contacts, tracking e-mails, attaching key e-mail correspondence to Opportunities, Contacts and Accounts is a breeze with the Dynamics 365 app for Outlook. Book a demo today


Once your team has mastered contact, account and opportunity management, there is a whole world of performance-enhancing workflow automation available to you and your team.  Key workflows include routing of key information and notices between team members, automatically updating records and filling out information based on milestones within your sales process, as well as opening and closing support cases based on key triggers and business logic.  Dynamics 365 for Sales, Dynamics 365 for Customer Service and Dynamics 365 for Relationship Management subscriptions each include a powerful workflow engine that can be either user-driven or configured with help from Endeavour. Speak to the team

Power Bi

Microsoft Power BI is Microsoft’s leading cloud-based Business Intelligence tool, serving up a strong array of out-of-the-box sales and service dashboards as well as the opportunity for user-driven analytics and reports.  Power BI comes pre-embedded within Dynamics 365 for no additional cost when analysis dashboards and reports are based on content and data contained within your CRM.  For advanced requirements, Endeavour recommends Power BI Pro subscriptions (~$12.20CAD/user/month) to allow for consolidated reporting across multiple systems including the vast majority of cloud-based and on-premise applications such as ERP, WMS, Call Management, Autodialers, Google Analytics, Click Dimensions and other Sales, Marketing and Operations systems.   
With Endeavour’s GP Bistro, users can take advantage of the no-charge embedded Power BI applications to report on select Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP data. Learn more about GP Bistro

Microsoft Flow

Microsoft Flow is a powerful user-driven application for creating simple and mildly complex integrations between Dynamics 365 CRM and other external applications or web-forms.  Flow also serves to automate key workflow tasks based on a variety of ‘triggers’ including date/time, field changes, and keywords.  It’s a great tool to create online lead generation forms and online surveys that automatically update or create a new lead or CRM record.  Flow can also be used to integrate data from external systems into Dynamics 365 for reporting and custom entities, thus allowing for the ‘no-charge’ Power BI embedded dashboards to report on data imported into Dynamics 365 for CRM, such as external sales quota numbers and other important performance metrics.   Meet the team at Endeavour


Microsoft PowerApps is a cloud-based development tool and platform that allows Business Analysts and developers to create their own custom applications without the need for coding.  Dynamics 365 users can create apps for any device, incorporating a wide variety of controls including cameras and location.  PowerApps developers can start from a sample app showcasing common business scenarios, like expense reporting or site inspections, or users can create their own complex applications using PowerApps as their development platform of choice.

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