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Endeavour Solutions Inc. is a North American consulting firm who has been working with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM for over a decade to advise and help progressive clients improve their service efficiency, member management and overall performance.

Endeavour for CRM

  • Microsoft Gold partner
  • Strong values
  • Across Canada and USA
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Endeavour365 Member Management "Business-in-a-box"

One of the biggest challenges Leaders face when implementing a new CRM is knowing where to start, and how to configure the system to get the most out of their investment. Endeavour has built Endeavour365 Member Management "Business-in-a-box" to solve these problems. The Endeavour365 "Business-in-a-Box", is an Endeavour bundle of IP and Services for the rapid CRM deployment and configuration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service.

Endeavour recommends Member Management "Business-in-a-box" as the initial step within a “crawl – walk – run” approach to adopting your new CRM system.

  • Optimize Membership Management and Renewals
  • Foster team-based services
  • Manage events and sponsors
  • Coordinate volunteers
  • Deliver a stronger Member Experience
Dynamics 365 Sales Dashboard

Fixed price quotes available

+ Plus monthly CRM subscription of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service

  • Fixed-price CRM deployment
  • Security and user setup
  • Optimized Member Management, Event Managment and Case Management
    • Fields & functions worth adopting
    • Office 365 Outlook integration
  • Half-day kick-off meeting
    • Validation of deployment
  • Advanced functions available for a full 360-View

Includes Member Management

  • Manage membership renewals and other fees
  • Coordinate and schedule volunteers
  • Track key tasks and activities
  • Create and monitor leadership dashboards with top 10 doners, sponsors, renewals and other KPI
  • Individual reps can have their own dashboards to monitor their personal vs team performance
  • Connect with Microsoft PowerBI for even greater business analytics and data visualizations

Is Microsoft CRM for Member Management the right fit for you?

  • Majority of core functions are "out of the box"
  • Off the shelf systems require heavy customization and configuration. A personalized Dynamics 365 system may fit just as well, and at a lower monthly fee
  • Broad resource pool of Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultants, professionals and support companies
  • Microsoft hosting in CANADA on a Canadian-only server
  • Regulatory compliance for Provincial Act, State Law or self regulating bodies:
    • College of Physicians
    • College of Surgeons
    • College of Dentistry
    • College of Chiropractic
    • Nursing
    • Other medical professions
    • Trade associations
    • Accounting association
    • Human Resources association
    • Electrical trades
    • Other trade associations

Popular Member Management CRM software functions

  • Contact Management
  • Member contact information, certifications, cases, renewals, payment history
  • Track individual practices, licensing and business operations
  • Committee Management
  • Manage committees, board members and working groups
  • Segment and initial committee level communications
  • Inbound and outbound member communications
  • E-mail tracking within Microsoft Outlook and via Microsoft Exchange and Office 365
  • Tracking of all correspondence
  • Issue resolution and case management
  • Track complaints, infractions, and other issues
  • Build and maintain a knowledge base of issue resolutions
  • Financial Systems Integration
  • Link to financial systems for payment processing, renewals and statement of account
  • Organization-wide access to reporting
  • Self-Serve Portals
  • Allow for external access for renews, payments, inquiries, membership status, contact information
  • Analysis and Reporting
  • Dashboards, KPI metrics, 360 degree view, ad-hoc analysis, performance reports"

  • Funnel for Dynamics Member
  • member management opportunity
  • Time line - email tracking Dynamics 365 member management

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Member Management Software Canada Price

Buy Dynamics 365 Today1-888-257-3577

List price for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Canada, as used for Member Management is as follows.  Contact Endeavour to qualify for special offers and volume-based pricing.  See Microsoft Canada

2021 - Microsoft Canada Pricing - Monthly Subscription
Microsoft Dynamics Customer Service Enterprise - $121.60 / month / named user
    * or as an add-on to Dynamics 365 Sales - $25.60 CAD / month / named user
Microsoft Dynamics Customer Service Professional - $64.00 / month / named user
Microsoft Dynamics Customer Service Team Member - $10.20 / month / named user
Microsoft PowerBI Pro - $12.00 / month / named user

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service United States Price

Buy Dynamics 365 Today1-888-257-3577

List price for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service USA is as follows.  Contact Endeavour to qualify for special volume-based pricing.  See Microsoft USA

2021 - Microsoft US CRM Pricing - Monthly Subscription

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Enterprise - $95.00 USD / month / named user
    * or as an add-on to Dynamics 365 Sales - $20.00 USD / month / named user
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Professional - $65.00 USD / month / named user
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Team Member - $9 USD / month / named user
Microsoft PowerBI Pro - $10.00 USD CAD/ month / named user

CRM Training and Support

Why choose Endeavour Solutions as your Canadian Microsoft CRM Partner?

User adoption is the single biggest "litmus test" for a successful CRM implementation.
If your team only views your system as as something "extra" and not as a "valuable enabler" your CRM software wasn't designed or implemented in an optimal way. Lower user adoption can be caused by a variety of factors.  Let's talk about Best Practices for CRM implementations and upgrades.

Endeavour's CRM consultants are here to help you identify ways to mitigate risks and improve adoption - resulting in improved performance.  Endeavour's CRM HealthCheck can be a great complement to your current efforts, providing an external viewpoint and best practices in building-out your a CRM strategy and adoption tactics.  Our Advisory Services include Change Management, Project Management, CRM roadmaps and CRM training.

Send automated Customer Voice email surveys for sentiment and CSAT metrics with your members.  2000 surveys per month FREE with Dynamics 365.

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