Microsoft Teams - App Consulting, Security, and Integration with Dynamics 365 + Voice over IP (Phone options)

We have the depth needed to support large, complex deployments Across Canada, Usa and Europe.

Dynamics 365 + Microsoft Teams for seamless collaboration and a connected experience. 145 Million users globally can't be wrong!

As a Gold Microsoft partner for Cloud Productivity and Mid-Market solutions including Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365, and Dynamics 365 we have become heavy internal users of Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 security.  There is NO COST from Microsoft for the Dynamics 365 to Microsoft Teams integration. Contact us to learn more.

Teams Connect, Secure, manage
  • Secure online chat and video meetings (optional VoIP dial-in)
  • Screen sharing and meeting recording
  • Microsoft 365 document collaboration (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Exchange, SharePoint, and Dynamics 365 integrated apps
  • Full desktop, cloud, and mobile access

Our consultants love Teams so much that we are continually recommending that clients migrate to the cloud with Microsoft 365, which includes Microsoft Teams at no additional charge. For those in the know, Microsoft Teams integrates very well with Dynamics 365 CRM and ERP applications.

We also have strong VoIP (Voice over IP) services that complement Microsoft 365 Business Voice, and Microsoft Teams integrating with your corporate VOIP phone systems resulting in a seamless ability to host video calls and phone calls within group meetings.

There is a wealth of FREE Microsoft Teams training from Microsoft including Admin Training, Self-paced online learning as well as Live instructor-led training.

Office 365 and CRM integration
Microsoft teams video calling

Need phones for work from home?
Need a professional auto-attendant?
Need 1-800 & local numbers for
Teams Meetings?
Look at our VoIP Phone recommendations.

Power BI Goals and Scorecard viewed in Teams

Power BI Goals in Microsoft teams

Microsoft Teams (Mobile App) for your frontline workers
- Tasks
- Video and chat
- Schedules

Microsoft Teams mobile screen
Image of Microsoft Office 365 Canada supportMicrosoft 365 Canada

See the latest in Microsoft Teams - Together Mode for group meetings

Office 365 Integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales to drive productivity.

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