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Why clients are changing from Salesforce to Microsoft CRM: Dynamics 365 for Sales, Marketing & Service

Endeavour has helped a number of clients replace their SFDC - Salesforce.com CRM with the latest in Microsoft CRM: Dynamics 356 Sales Premium 2024 and the Microsoft Customer Experience Platform.  We have specialized tools to help accelerate the migration of data and our skilled Microsoft CRM consultants will ensure that your transition is smooth and backed by a GREAT design.

Clients have commented that they:

  • Didn’t really have a partner to help deploy
  • Were over-sold with a vision that could not be delivered
  • Could NOT get Outlook and Salesforce to connect (Dynamics 365 is unmatched in this regard, and the only CRM to also use AI to read emails - see Sales Premium)
  • No available integration to Microsoft Teams (Dynamics 365 connected at no charge)
  • Massive storage and overage fees (Microsoft is less than half)
  • Were concerned with the SFDC USA hosting vs Microsoft's Canadian hosting option
  • Could not get the reports, analytics, AI integration and time savings that they were promised
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See what you have been missing:

Microsoft Dynamics365 and Endeavour simply deliver a greater value.

  • Salesforce-to-Dynamics-365-CRM-CloudConnected to One-Microsoft:   An unmatched no-charge, out-of-the box connection into Outlook 365, Exchange Online, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft 365. For a faster Flow of Work and user productivity.
  • Embedded AI intelligence: Gain instant access to PowerBI analytics, built-in predictive AI and AI recommendations for relationship health, opportunity and lead scoring, email tone, trends, and speech.
  • Built as an integrated platform:  Using the Microsoft Dataverse (Common Data Service) allows for ease of creating reports and integrating systems. Expand functions and customizations with PowerApps
  • Enterprise-Grade: A full platform for mobile, security, performance, connectivity – all included. Able to handle multiple complex sales or customer service paths with ease.
  • Proven to be a lower TCO – There are no hidden costs, Microsoft has transparent pricing, and there is no metering for API usage in CRM
    • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Premium - $172.80 CAD / month / named user
        * Sales Premium is recommended for Sales Insights (AI) with Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise*
        * Compare to Salesforce.com Enterprise and Einstein AI at approx. $200-$300 USD* / month
         * Database overage fees in the range of $50/GB/month for Microsoft, and $250 USD/GB/month for Salesforce
  • Microsoft is playing to Win – Microsoft is continuing to make massive investments in R&D, IoT, Microsoft Teams, PowerApps, LinkedIn, Virtual Agents, and exciting features with each bi-annual release. At Microsoft it isn’t enough to simply aim for user adoption of Dynamics 365, they want users to “Love it” and be “more productive”.

With Endeavour Solutions, clients have enjoyed working with a top Microsoft Gold partner who understands their needs and works within realistic expectations, spending time to educate clients on the cost/benefits of different strategies, approaches, and related best practices.

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5-step plan for migrating from Salesforce.com to Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM)

1) Understand what you have now, what you like, and what works

  • Within your current CRM which fields do you use within Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities?
  • Which reports have you used in the past 6 months?
  • Are you using any portal functions, embedded web forms or workflow processes?
  • Do you have emails tracked and integrated with Outlook 365?
  • Are you using any e-mail Marketing? If so, which queries or reports are they based on?
  • As you look through these items, what is falling short, what is on your wish list?
  • Via the Endeavour CRM Healthcheck, we can help to evaluate any specialized configurations or custom development, and set a roadmap to meeting your goals.

2) Take Screen Shots

  • Having screen shots of the main screens (or even ALL screens) will not only help the Endeavour CRM migration team, but can also be repurposed for end-user training materials to help them compare before and after scenarios.
  • Open up key reports and select Edit, take a screenshot of the queries that are used to build these reports. Although reports cannot be migrated from one platform to another, the business logic and queries are typically fairly easy to capture and recreate.

3) Confirm contract end-dates

  • Salesforce tries hard to lock its customers into multi-year contracts and will often offer a special promotion for a discount, which also includes a contract extension. Some clients are unaware of these extensions.  Endeavour and Microsoft have the confidence to support monthly contract billing.
  • There are typically hefty penalties for trying to break a contract, some as high as the cost to associated with buying out the remainder of the contract term. Be careful to watch these dates. From a migration standpoint it is best to have a month or two overlap between systems to ensure testing and migration of business logic and functions can be performed and compared before your cut-over to your new Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM system.

4) Work with Endeavour to acquire the best mix of Microsoft licenses

  • Endeavour can work with you to determine the right-fit of Microsoft Dynamics 365 licenses to meet your current and future needs. Pricing and licensing options can range as much as +/- 50% so its important to work with a professional firm who has your best interests in mind.
  • Microsoft's new pricing structure for Microsoft Dynamics 365 splits out various modules and applications by key business function. Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Field Service, HR recruiting, Project Management and Accounting/ERRP are each separate applications, but can be bundled together.
  • There are also specialized bundles with Microsoft Office 365 (email, calendar, Office) and PowerBI that may be available to help reduce your annual CRM subscription costs.

5) Include End-user training and Change Management in your project scope

  • Migrating from Salesforce.com to Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM is essentially a fresh implementation of one system and an export/import of data from one system to the next.
  • With this, user adoption of your new Microsoft CRM will be critical to your project success. Not only a focus on old-vs-new will be needed, but also a building a clear understanding of the business processes and performance expectations. CRM Training materials that include "why" and "what's in it for me" for the end users are as equality important as the "how to" use their new Microsoft CRM.
  • Learn more about our focus on CRM adoption and CRM Training

Client Examples - Salesforce.com to Microsoft Dynamics 365

Financial Services Firm

  • Old CRM was over promised and under delivered
  • Frustrated with escalating contract costs and hidden support fees
  • Wanted to implement simple workflow and productivity tools, but required a higher plan and costly services quote.

Services Firm

  • Previous Sales Leader tried to implement a system that didn’t fit their needs.
  • Endeavour’s CRM HealthCheck assessment set out a simple and achievable set of goals
  • Wanted a Canadian partner who would be around in future years for support

B2B Distributor

  • Their CRM was never really implemented properly and the work was done by staff that can no longer be found. They wanted a partner they could trust, they liked Endeavour and the Microsoft value prop.
  • Could not connect Salesforce with Outlook in a consistent and effective manner for email and calendar tracking. Outlook 365 has a very strong and stable plug-in for embedded productivity and AI feedback.

Endeavour Casestudy - Replacing Salesforce with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Mobile (download PDF)

Mobile (download PDF)


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