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Endeavour Solutions Inc. is a Canadian consulting firm and has been working with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM for over a decade to advise and help progressive clients improve their service efficiency, customer management and overall performance.

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Endeavour365 Customer Service: "Business-in-a-box"

One of the biggest challenges Leaders face when implementing a new CRM is knowing where to start, and how to configure the system to get the most out of their investment. Endeavour has built Endeavour365 Customer Service "Business-in-a-box" to solve these problems. The Endeavour365 "Business-in-a-Box", is an Endeavour bundle of IP and Services for the rapid CRM deployment and configuration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service.

Endeavour recommends Customer Service "Business-in-a-box" as the initial step within a “crawl – walk – run” approach to adopting your new CRM system.

  • Optimize Case Management and Business Processes
  • Foster Team-Based Service
  • Improve CSR Productivity
  • Deliver a Stronger Customer Experience
Dynamics 365 Sales Dashboard

Fixed price quotes available.

+ Plus monthly CRM subscription of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service 

  • Fixed-price CRM deployment
  • Security and user setup
  • Optimized Customer Service and Case Management
    • Fields & functions worth adopting
    • Office 365 Outlook integration
  • Half-day kick-off meeting
    • Validation of deployment
  • Additional Endeavour IP
    • Dashboards & 5 revenue streams

Includes Customer Service

  • Monitor and report on service queue and case resolution
  • Track case and service activity KPIs such as first call resolution, cases resolved per rep, task completion and other activities
  • Create and monitor leadership dashboards with top 10 CSRs. top 10 most frequent requests, top products, top customers
  • Individual reps can have their own dashboards to monitor their personal vs team performance
  • Connect with Microsoft PowerBI for even greater business analytics and data visualizations

  • Dashboards for Dynamics 365 Service
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Canada Price

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List price for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Canada is as follows.  Contact Endeavour to qualify for special offers and volume-based pricing.  See Microsoft Canada

2021 - Microsoft Canada Pricing - Monthly Subscription
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Enterprise - $121.60 / month / named user
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Professional - $64.00 / month / named user
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Team Member - $10.20 / month / named user
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation (PSA) - $121.60 / month / named user
Microsoft PowerBI Pro  - $12.00 / month / named user


Want a combined CRM and ERP? Start with an Endeavour CRM Health-Check.

CRM Health-Check

CRM Training and Support

Why choose Endeavour Solutions as your Canadian Microsoft CRM Partner?

User adoption is the single biggest "litmus test" for a successful CRM implementation.
If your team only views your system as as something "extra" and not as a "valuable enabler" your CRM software wasn't designed or implemented in an optimal way. Lower user adoption can be caused by a variety of factors.  Let's talk about Best Practices for CRM implementations and upgrades.

Endeavour's CRM consultants are here to help you identify ways to mitigate risks and improve adoption - resulting in improved performance.  Endeavour's CRM HealthCheck can be a great complement to your current efforts, providing an external viewpoint and best practices in building-out your a CRM strategy and adoption tactics.  Our Advisory Services include Change Management, Project Management, CRM roadmaps and CRM training.

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Endeavour Field Service with Dynamics 365

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