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Endeavour has a reputation for being responsive, talented and professional

Signs that your current Dynamics CRM Partner is falling short:

  • Has been indifferent or non-responsive
  • Doesn’t understand both CRM and Business Central ERP
  • Failed to effectively train your staff, thus lower user adoption
  • Has been understaffed or under-skilled
  • Has failed to bring new and innovative ideas (Future proof)
  • Is forcing you into a high-priced monthly assurance retainer, or support contract, or charges unnecessary account management fees
  • Your current CRM implementation is under-utilized, users are complaining, it’s not working as promised, not responding, crashing, sales not posting, and other issues due to a poor install
Microsoft Partner

With this in mind, we suggest you consider hitting the proverbial “RESET BUTTON” and re-evaluate 'where you are now'; and 'where you want to be'.

If it's time to find a new CRM partner?  
Consider Endeavour Solutions!

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Steve Ewing

Vice President - CRM, ERP, & Cloud

Contact Steve and his team to talk about your Business Needs.

"Let's find a fit between your needs and our Professional Services for Microsoft CRM, ERP, & Cloud solutions."

1 (888) 257-3577 x 213

At Endeavour, we bring new ideas to you instead of only reacting to your requests.  A number of our clients come to us, having outgrown the vision and capabilities of those Partners who originally brought them to or Microsoft Dynamics CRM. With Endeavour Solutions, these same clients are now able to get more out of their investment in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, integrated into Office 365 and the cloud to achieve the growth, improved efficiency and reduced costs they’ve been seeking.  We also frequently Upgrade clients from to Dynamics 365 CRM.

Endeavour offers training, support, upgrades and optimization of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the current Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM to clients.  Our consulting services and support services are billed on an T&M hourly basis (no set up fee/ no contract needed). Clients are welcome to purchase a pre-paid bank of hours at a discount if they wish. We will not force you into a high-cost support contract as we've seen with other providers.

Contact us today via our Regional offices or contact our Support team by e-mail or phone.

If you are in a similar situation, our offer to you is to provide a:

FREE, no-obligation HALF-DAY review of your Microsoft CRM implementation

The goal of this assessment is to provide you with access to industry best-practices and guidance to help
improve your utilization of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the value that it brings to your organization. 

  • Client: Reduced their reliance on old proprietary customizations, in-favour of functions and workflow available in newer versions of Dynamics 365
  • Client: Replaced with Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrated with Outlook email and Office 365
  • Client: Greatly improve user adoption and productivity
  • Client: Finally able to get a unified view of clients sales and service requests
  • Client: Gained access to Endeavour’s CRM Support desk for ad-hoc support, reducing their overall CRM support costs
  • Client: Migrated from on-premise to the cloud with ease and confidence
  • Client: Replaced an old custom legacy application with out-of-the-box functions within Dynamics 365 CRM
  • Client: Fixed an under-delivered CRM implementation and trained end-users to realize performance and user-adoption goals
“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.”

Consider Endeavour Solutions as your new Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner of choice. We can start start slow with a small project and if you like our work and want to change Microsoft support providers, we can guide you through the process to perform a Microsoft Partner VAR change and related paperwork naming Endeavour as your Digital Partner of Record.


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Endeavour Solutions is in the top 5% of Microsoft Partners worldwide with offices in: Toronto, Halifax, London, Ottawa,Edmonton, Montréal and Remote Support for USA

About Endeavour Solutions as your new Microsoft Dynamics CRM / Dynamics 365 CRM support partner

Steve Ewing photo

Steve Ewing

Vice President - CRM, ERP, & Cloud

Contact Steve and his team to talk about your Business Needs.

"Let's find a fit between your needs and our Professional Services for Microsoft CRM, ERP, & Cloud solutions."

1 (888) 257-3577 x 213

Endeavour Solutions has been working with Microsoft Dynamics since 1989 - helping growing businesses with their ERP, CRM & Cloud applications. We will work with you to implement, upgrade and enhance your Dynamics CRM / Dynamics 365 CRM (Sales, Customer Service and/or Member Management), Azure, Office 365 and cloud business application so that your Business Applications' serve your needs both today and into the future. 

Endeavour Solutions is a Microsoft Gold Partner for ERP, CRM, Cloud and Data Analytics, focusing on development, implementation, upgrades, support and training for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cloud and Microsoft Dynamics on-premise applications. Our large team of certified consultants are dedicated to your success. 

We recently celebrated our 30th year in business and continue to build and maintain a long list of satisfied clients.

Our continued success is due to our focus on our customers, our people and our core values of integrity, trust and accountability. Endeavour Solutions is in the top 5% of Microsoft Partners worldwide with offices and consultants in: Toronto, Halifax, London, Edmonton and Montreal.

Choose Endeavour as your Microsoft Partner of Record (MPOR) or Digital Partner of Record  (DPOR) / Vendor of Record (VoR) / Value Added Reseller (VAR) to gain access to Endeavour's talented team. About Us

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Dynamics 365 CRM award
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Dynamics365 Award
CRM professional services award

90% of Endeavour Solutions' clients said that they would recommend our services and support

  • We worked with Endeavour for Dynamics 365 support on a number of CRM action items. In the past few months we have worked with Anish and others on their CRM team. Endeavour's consultants have been very knowledgeable and I am very thankful for their technical support.
    Abdul, 2020 (Google Maps - Endeavour)
  • Endeavour has been our CRM support partner for Microsoft Dynamics for a while. My team and I have enjoyed their expert CRM consultants, training and advice including Casey, Troy, Pranay and others who have helped us to support our sales team and operations.

    Clare M. 2019 (Google Maps - Endeavour)
  • I have the pleasure to work with the Endeavour Solutions team on various projects. I'm impressed by their level of expertise and the dedication that they bring to each project. It's hard to find a competent and efficient team.
    Joanne Lebeau, 2019 (Toronto Google Maps)
  • Our company is in Michigan and Endeavour Solutions has been our support partner for several years. Their remote support is excellent. Francis has done one upgrade for us and is in the process of doing another, he is very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. Nikki and Trish have also been very helpful. Five stars!

    Bob Morris, (Halifax Google Maps)