March 2020 - Special offer from Endeavour to help clients succeed

Memorandum - March 24, 2020 (Current & New Clients)

The world today is forever changed, impacting families, health, businesses and the economy. Endeavour has been very fortunate to have you as a client, which has helped play a role in our continued growth and stability over the past years.

With the significant number of companies being impacted by the current COVID-19 pandemic, today is our chance to give back!  A number of you have already reached out looking for assistance in…

  • New reports and additional analytics
  • "Work from home" capabilities
    • Remote assistance with VPN and Terminal Server access to Dynamics CRM and other business applications
    • Using Microsoft Teams and Office 365 for secure remote collaboration (webinar this afternoon)
    • Sales and marketing cloud upgrade to support remote collaboration
  • Automating workflow and approval processes to adapt to changes in staff availability
  • Remote training
  • Unique payroll changes and requirements

So effective today through to April 30, 2020 Endeavour will be offering the following to each of our clients…

  • For a 20 hour pre-purchase block of hours, we will provide 25 hours of Endeavour project, support, technical, or development work as your business needs.
  • Or a larger block of 40 hours, we will provide 50 hours.
  • The above blocks do not expire until fully consumed. There is NO time limit for when hours need to be used.

Our conditions are that the a) requested services performed via this offer can be scheduled after payment is received, b) above pre-paid blocks must be paid for within the next 45 days (prior to May 8, 2020), c) for your safety and ours, services will be delivered remotely until further notice.

If you have any questions about the above, or other requests, please feel free to reach out.

More importantly wishing you, your family and your team all the best. We all will be stronger because of it!


Steve Ewing,
Vice President
Endeavour Solutions Inc.
(888) 257-3577 x 213

The above is driven by Endeavour's commitment to “Always do right by a client.” This vision is strengthened by the motivation our team has to help clients.

Steve Ewing photo

Steve Ewing

Vice President - CRM, ERP, & Cloud

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