The goal of the CRM Health Check is to build a roadmap that identifies any gaps that need addressing in order to help you maximize the returns on your future CRM investments.

No two businesses are the same and no two client CRM systems are same. Thus how your organization has implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 and your CRM goals is also unique.  However, based on Endeavour's experience, many clients have a shared set of goals and business processes that align with our recommended best-practices. Let's talk more about your vision and what it will take to get there.

The CRM Health Check, has been designed to help improve the health of your current Dynamics CRM configuration - taking into account the data cleanliness, the architecture, security provisions and your end-user experience. Each are important factors that can affect user adoption, accuracy of report and overall business performance.  We recommend conducting a CRM Health Check for each new client, and then ongoing once every 1 - 2 years to ensure you are getting the most out of your CRM investments.

"...Recommend a CRM Health Check for each new client, and then ongoing once every 1 - 2 years"

Depending on your needs our Microsoft CRM Consultants will consider the following:

  • Security settings
  • Custom entities
  • Dynamics CRM upgrade to Dynamics 365 for Sales (Cloud)
  • Custom fields
  • Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Power BI reporting
  • Custom workflows
  • Custom plugin code
  • User Interface for Sales & Service
  • Mobile adoption and mobile experience
  • Office 365 and Outlook integration
  • Opportunity management and workflow
  • Review of User Experience (UX)
  • End-user training and change management
  • Alignment of expectations, goals and incentives
  • Prioritization and roadmap

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Does the CRM Health Check appeal to you? If so, we recommend contacting Endeavour to discuss your needs further. Focusing on areas of interest for improved productivity, performance and user adoption. The CRM Health Check is a great way to meet our team and gain access to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM processes and practices we’ve implemented within other top organizations. With Endeavour's CRM Health Check we can help you identify your gaps and devise a roadmap for action and success.

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Conducting a CRM Health Check every 1 - 2 years is a great way to set a vision, confirm expectations and allocate resources towards future success. For many clients, it allows for their team to reflect on key wins, hear the voice of key users, and to set their sights on manageable, yet strategic initiatives as their organization matures in their use of Dynamics 365.  Let Endeavour help with your continued Digital Transformation.  Contact us today.

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At Endeavour, we bring new ideas to you instead of only reacting to your requests. A number of our clients come to us, having outgrown the vision and capabilities of the Partner who introduced them to Dynamics CRM and Office 365. With our team, these same clients are able to get more growth, improved efficiency and reduced costs they’ve been seeking.

Endeavour has offices across Canada including Toronto, Halifax, Montreal, London, Edmonton and Ottawa Ontario.  Our talented team also provides remote support and professional services to clients in the USA.

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