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Virtual Agent Chatbots 

So, what is a Virtual Agent? A virtual agent is an automated response application used in an online chat that you find on the bottom right of many websites. These ‘chat now’ buttons have historically been staffed by a live person, but as the popularity and frequency of use by customers increases, so does the risk of time delays in response.

Research has shown that delivering a quick and responsive customer experience is critical to your online success.  The likelihood of a customer waiting for a response to an online inquiry is now being measured in seconds (not minutes) before they leave your site or pursues an alternate more costly means of contact.

The goals for a virtual agent are twofold.

The first is to provide a better 24x7 customer experience with instant answers and a better (faster) experience.

The second is to save time/cost associated with a live Sales or Customer Service Representative for answering easy/mundane questions that can be solved in an automated fashion - Thus priming the customer for more fruitful interactions should they want to connect with a real person on your team.

Virtual Agents for Dynamics 365 Customer Service and Omni-Channel marketing, (from $1,280 CAD per tenant/month), are great at providing a quick first response and acknowledgment to customer inquires.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Virtual Agents, with its Artificial Intelligence, takes things one step further by reading and understanding simple questions and providing pre-scripted answers. The pre-scripted answers can take a variety of forms including a simple written answer, an answer with a link to a knowledge-based article for additional information, or may result in an answer with an offer to connect your customer to a live Customer Service Representative for further live sales and service interactions.

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AI-Powered Analytics for greater analysis and reporting

CRM-for-Sales PremiumIn an increasingly competitive market for SMB and Mid-Market ERP-CRM systems, Microsoft is a continued leader in Analytics and reporting, bring recent enterprise advancements in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to organizations of all sizes in the form of advanced analytics. Two top offerings for Dynamics 365 are Sales Insights and Customer Insights. Each provides a wealth of internal and external analytical capabilities. These powerful apps are available as an Add-on or bundle to other Dynamics 365 subscriptions and are worth their weight in gold.

A top recommended bundle of Dynamics 365 Sales and Sales Insights is Dynamics 365 Sales Premium.

Microsoft PowerApps Virtual Agents (Create your own Bot) for online Customer Service

How to Create A Chatbot for Microsoft Teams

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